Guilty as charged there homey!


Let me begin with a quote from a featured Slate article where certain folks are getting in a "huff" about the way the Huffington Post seems to be lifting the work of others,

Borrowing, sponging, lifting, scrounging, leaching, pinching, and
outright theft of other publications' work is firmly in the American
journalistic tradition.

There's a certain fellow here in town – runs a blog – who likes to bloviate – something like yada yada yada plagarism yada yada yada – and perhaps infer that I have at times borrowed, sponged, lifted, scrounged, leached, pinched and outright stole the work of others without so much as a momentary nod.

Yep!  No shit Holmes.  Guilty as charged there homey!  The jury was out and came back with the verdict of "BFD".

I'm just happy to see that I'm carrying forward a proud American journalistic tradition.  Seems to me, and I am sure you'll agree, that other feller's point of view is completely un-American. 

Go luck on that Comrade.

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Chaz Stevens

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