It's Shark Week!

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Dear Friends,

Each year, millions of sharks are killed for just one reason: their fins.

Shark finning is the cruel and wasteful practice of hacking off fins from live sharks, tossing the dead or dying animal overboard. Global demand for shark fin soup has pushed several shark populations to the brink of collapse.

The good news is that the Senate is poised to take action on a bill, the Shark Conservation Act, that would end shark finning in U.S. waters and make us world leaders in shark conservation.

Tell your Senators today that you support shark protections and the passage of the Shark Conservation Act.

Sharks have been swimming in the world’s oceans for more than 400 million years. While sharks have been able to survive periods of global mass extinctions, they have not evolved to withstand destructive fishing practices. The result of these cruel and unsustainable practices is dramatic: over the past 35 years, some populations of sharks have declined by 99%.

Contact your Senators today in support of the Shark Conservation Act. The future of the oceans and sharks depends on citizen activists like you.

Citizen activists helped the Shark Conservation Act pass the House of Representatives.  With another strong showing of support we can pass this bill through the Senate. Please take action today.

– The team in partnership with Oceana