Official complaint against BSO

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Mr. Andy Maurodis;

Being that Mr. Burgess Hanson is out of town this week, I am directing this complaint through you.   I ask that you kindly forward a copy of this email to Chief Pete Sudler.


At approximately 11:50am today (10/13/2010), I was in the left hand lane, traveling north on Federal Highway, at the intersection of US1 and Hillsboro Blvd in Deerfield Beach.   Stopped at that red light, I was “first in line” and behind me was an uniformed BSO deputy (white male) on a BSO motorcycle.

The wait at the light was about 30 seconds to a minute.   During the wait, the deputy kept inching closer to my vehicle, driver rear quarter panel, to the extent that the officer in question could have reached out and touched my car.

The light turns red and I proceed *safely* through the intersection — with the motorcycle cop very very close to my car.

That officer intentionally placed both of our lives, and the other drivers around us, in harm’s way.

With that officer that close, I had thought I was about to be pulled over for some traffic violation (would have been my first in probably 5+ years), so I signaled my intent and moved to the middle lane.

The officer in question, accelerated past me, without pausing to offer a second glance — only to be halted by the next traffic signal.

The light was red at the intersection of David Eller and US1, however the officer on the motorcycle, with NO LIGHTS FLASHING or SIREN BLARING, proceeded to turn left (go west towards the station) without the light turning green.


If that was you or I and had been spotted doing the same, we would have rightly earned ourselves a ticket.  The reason, I opine, the cop was in a hurry to get back to the station was that it had just started to rain.  However, unless I am mistaken, getting wet isn’t a valid excuse TO VIOLATE FLORIDA LAW.

As such, I ask for the following:

  1. A complete and thorough investigation into this incident
  2. A traffic citation issued to the officer in question
  3. A copy of that citation sent to me
  4. A written reprimand placed in this officer’s file
  5. A copy of this email forwarded to Chief Lamberti’s office for their consideration
  6. Your acknowledgment that a copy of this email has been sent to Chief Sudler

In the end, Broward deputies are the enforcers of our law and they need to be held to the HIGHEST PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS.

When asked, kindly informed those who don’t know me that I am very serious about these sorts of matters.  I have ever intention of following this issue to the very end.


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