Is the coverup getting worse(r)?


We’ve reviewed the City of Lauderdale Lakes updated 2012 financial statement (download) and once again we are amazed at what’s being fibbed about reported.

First, we’ll note the Mayor did not sign off on the document. Oversight? Intentionally? Senior moment? Blistering incompetence by the staff? None/all of the above?

Comparing and contrasting what’s now being stated versus their previous financial report, the City now still indicates having $5.8M cash in the General Fund.

Given Assistant to the City Manager Finance Director Marie Elianor‘s horribly inaccurate track record, aka incorrectly including a $1.2M cash carry forward (from restricted money from Special Assessment funds), we find this number impossible to believe.

Read: Following the $1.2M paper trail.

Digging deep into today’s Broward County Commission meeting backup material, we’ve discovered the General Fund cash carry forward is now up to $2.7M.

I guess the City has finally figured out how to turn public records requests into a profit center. Or maybe someone is really really lucky with the scratchies.

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The most recent financial statement du jour reflects a General Fund cash balance of $5.8M, with the numbers only showing $3.2M of revenue over expenses.  A whopping $2.7M difference. And, interestingly enough, there was no cash carryforward now in the General Fund.

So what is it? $5.8M? $3.2M?

Confusing? Confused? Consternated? Constipated? We agree and welcome aboard!

In our opinion, it seems that the coverup over in Lauderdale Lakes is getting worse(r).  No wonder Mayor Barrington Russell didn’t lend his John Hancock.

Would you?

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