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(Before a Grievance Committee)

TO: A. Thomas Connick, Jr.
McDonald & Crawford
315 SE 7th St., Suite 303
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301-3158

The Florida Bar File No. 2012-50,390 (170)


On January 11, 2012 the grievance committee found no probable cause in the referenced matter against you and the complaint has been dismissed.

The committee wants to make it clear, however, that this finding does not indicate that the committee condones your conduct in this matter. While your conduct in this instance did not warrant formal discipline, the committee believes it was not consistent with the high standards of our profession. The committee hopes that this letter will make you more aware of your obligations to uphold these professional standards and you will adjust your conduct accordingly.

This letter of advice does not constitute a disciplinary record against you for any purpose and is not subject to appeal by you. Rules Regulating The Florida Bar 3-7.4(k). Pursuant to the Bar’s records retention schedule, the computer record and file will be disposed of one year from the date of closing.

The committee hopes that as a result of this letter of advice, you will improve the following aspects of your professional activity:

Mr. Connick, this committee issues you this letter of advice based upon the June 16, 2010 letter that was sent out under your name to the Commissioner of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services identifying yourself as the General Counsel of the Deerfield Beach Housing Authority when you were not.

We understand that you did not personally sign the letter, however you are advised to remember that you are responsible for all correspondence going out under your name.

We also understand that although you did have the authority to write the letter as the Housing Director’s personal attorney, however, by invoking the office of General Counsel to the Housing Authority, it was discovered that special treatment was given to your correspondence that otherwise may not have been merited.

Therefore we advise you to be more careful in your future communications since any similar actions will not be tolerated.

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