This Is Serious Progress

15 Feb Once more into the breech.

Mr. Evan Lukic;

A point regarding the Lauderdale Lakes Cash Flow Analysis spreadsheet (download) … the figures don’t add up. Not even close. If numbers could lie, then these digits would qualify.

Beginning balances combined with ending balances.  Final tallies incorrectly hand crafted (and not even the correct totals). All of this, of course, is just, in your own words, Jonathan Allen‘s way of making “serious” progress towards financial stability. Leading me to pause and wonder…  Did you even bother to review the analysis?

You say serious progress, we suggest cooking the books.  

Take a moment to review our work.

As a taxpayer of Broward County (and someone who pays your salary), I suggest much more due diligence on your part is in order before you advise another few million in precious cash be handed out to those turd burglars…

I’m not an auditor and it was intuitively obvious to me. So anytime you want some help with the X’s and O’s, I stand ready to assist.

Chaz Stevens

Chaz Stevens

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Chaz Stevens


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Chaz Stevens