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An anonymous tipster forwarded MAOS a copy of the unreleased City of Hallandale Beach Forensic Audit (download).

Note to the media: kindly cite your source (aka MAOS).

Started nearly a year and a half ago, the review was “in response to a growing chorus of demands for greater transparency.” Focused on the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency, the audit took a hard look at former City Manager Mike Good.

Teaser alert: It ain’t look good for Good.

Rising up against the need for a forensic audit, Mayor Joy Cooper indicated the following to the Sun-Sentinel,

“I frankly don’t believe we need a forensic audit,” she said. “It is my belief that there was no fraud. I have been in this city for over 11 years, and I have never seen a staff work so hard with so much dedication.”

Additionally, maker of the original US Flag, Commissioner Betsy … er … Dotty Ross voted against both measures,  believing enough safeguards were in place. Again, from the Sun-Sentinel article:

“How much more transparent can we really be?”

Suggestion: Anything greater that zero would be a good start.

So, let’s see.  Who had it right? Commissioner Keith London or Cooper?

  1. Scads of developer agreements are missing.  Round goes to London.
  2. Supporting real estate documentation is also MIA.  Another round for Pony Tail.  The public also takes a hit here.
  3. 40 acquired properties are missing paperwork (ownership, liens, tax information).  Starting to look really bad for Cooper.
  4. Missing site visits.  Who knows — maybe they were all out with Cooper having buy one margarita, get seven free.  Two point safety against Team Ross.
  5. No reviews by the City Manager (Good) or City Attorney.
  6. Selling of land without prior Commission approval.  Big ticket items. As in $200,000 worth of ticket. WTF? Is this For Sale, By Good?
  7. Loans are all sorts of f***ed up.  Perhaps this is Cooper’s idea of “staff dedication.”
  8. Speaking of f***ed up, we’ll include the Small Business Loan program in that category.



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