Cliff? What cliff?

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MAOS had an exclusive first-look at former Lauderdale Lakes Finance Director Larry Tibbs‘ rebuttal (download) to the initial OIG report and it’s now readily apparent that what happened during those boy toy trips to Utah in 2010 didn’t stay in 2010.

Even though Tibbs has gotten beaten up recently in the press, it’s important to keep in mind that unlike Finance Director Marie Elianor, he’s a stone cold expert.

And caucasian … but not a member of the NFBPA.

So let’s begin with a few amazing tidbits:

  1. As to the $800,000 in CRA cost allocation, pretty much everyone knew about it — Administration, the CRA Board/Attorney, the City Attorney, and the Commission. Tibbs also dishes on the CRA 2010 payment of $855,000 and the $1.5M in transfers.
  2. Some really fascinating stuff about that $1.2M payment (and bounced check) to BSO. Tibbs indicates no knowledge of a check being cut ON HIS LAST DAY. He does say, that under intense pressure from City Manager Anita Fain-Taylor, former Assistant Finance Director LaToya Cason reached out to Accounts Payable and had the check cut.
  3. Words regarding the Commission’s desire for keeping the stay status quo — as in no downward changes in program or staffing levels.
  4. Commentary about the 2010 budget and questions on why no changes given 2009’s disastrous results.

Tibbs also admits his share of the blame — a man-up that includes putting trust in Cason and blindly following Fain-Taylor’s direction (Cliff? What cliff?).

As the longest reigning Finance Director in that town’s history, MAOS paid close attention to Tibbs’ thoughts about the current state of affairs.

  1. He updates us on the 2011 budget, what happened behind those closed doors, and why it took so long to correct. Beware outside influences we say.
  2. Rues over the problems still found in the 2012 budget.
  3. Indicates that 2012 revenue projections include transfers from the fire and gas tax funds (see we told you!)

Looking at things worse(r), Tibbs noted:

  1. As much as he wants to lay the blame on others, City Manager Jonathan Allen was an integral part of the 2011 Administration that was slow to react (hey, NFBPA business takes a lot of his time bro) and has allowed more improper usage of Special Assessment fundage.
  2. The 2012 budget did not include a plan to pay back any Special Assessment cash, a situation that has gotten worse(r) with the $422,000 Waste Management issue (not to mention the contract issue).
  3. At the 11th hour, Allen & Co. changed the 2012 BSO deal (an increase in the overall debt amount) without involving/notifying the County.
  4. Increased the fire fee by 25% in 2012, resulting in a potential legal issue as the General Fund is not paying its fair share for EMS.
  5. Notes the many mistakes made in the 2012 budget. But then again, besides Allen and Elianor, who hasn’t pointed them out?
  6. The huge inaccuracies in the financial reports provided to Broward County.

Judging by our amazing web metrics, everyone is reading MAOS/BP (well, except for a few rapscallions we’ve blocked — hehe ain’t that right Admiral Stubing?), so we deserve a big slice of the “expose the bastards for what they are” pie.

And speaking of a hair pie, Tibbs also brings up some HR related concerns:

  1. The hiring of the uberly-inept Finance Director.
  2. Laying off the Purchasing Manager, with no backup plan.

So that’s about it for now.  I’ve done my best to absorb the material, so apologies in advance for any errors.

Speaking of cliffs, we leave you with this song by Jimmy Cliff.  Enjoy the weekend.

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