Let’s get ready to rumble.


It my mind, it’s David v. Goliath. Or maybe better yet, Gadfly v. Government.

See friends, over the years, we’ve been threatened with defamation lawsuits, received lots of nasty lawyer letter-gram-bombs, and once, even accused of treason.

Treason. Now that SHIT is just FUNNY.

In our most recent battle royale, we find the Guv’ment (aka the City of Lauderdale Lakes) in one corner of the ring.

Ahh, Lauderdale Lakes. What a lovely shire. A place of openness and transparency.

Well, outside of the fact that the City Manager has senior management sign non-disclosure agreements, threaten immediate termination for anyone who speaks to us, had a lawyer (his daddy) send us a cease-and-desist, and may have included MAOS in a criminal complaint for extortion.

This guy is as paranoid as Family Guy’s Peter Griffin.

Assisting Lauderdale Lakes at ringside is BSO, a couple of floundering attorneys, a City Commission, the Village People In the Navy Guy (a former military vet with a <cough cough esteemed> … er … two-year career), and the entire resources of their city (although because of their ineptness, not too bountiful these days).

In the other corner, there is just me. And my dog.

Apologies in advance to Lauderdale Lakes for giving them the short end of my stick.


If you are wondering to yerself, when MAOS is faced with the “chilling effect“, does he shut up? Does he fold? Does he turn and run?

Oh hell no. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, we double down…

Strong words you say?  How about some visual evidence? Check out this classic from the video archives…

From a City of Deerfield Beach commission meeting, listen to Sylvia Poitier threaten to sue me over my audacity to point out she stole 225 gallons of paint.

Sue me. Take me to battle… Shut me down. So forth and so on. Sound familiar?

Yawn and/or hilarious.

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