Do the wrong thing.


Mayor and Commission:

With your Monday (3/5/2012) special workshop approaching to discuss the Broward OIG’s two (2) reports on misconduct and mismanagement in your city…a few thoughts.

Your City Attorney is in cahoots with your sleazeball of a City Manager. He is not serving your interests, as he should, but plotting with your CM about how to violate procurement policy and circumvent fund restrictions and advising you that you have nothing to fear from the State Attorney’s Office and other regulatory agencies. You are being ill-served. It might also be time to examine the employment contract Mr. Jim Brady drew up for this inept individual. My bet is it probably doesn’t favor the City, even though you certainly have more than enough reasons to fire this poor excuse of a CM.

Let’s see…

  1. Your CM intentionally engaged in bid splitting, although he’ll try and lie his way out of it on Monday. That’s his nature.
  2. Your CM is saying that he thought the $61,000 total contract amount (ADA Engineering) was just a draft. That totally contradicts obtained e-mails, the statements of Manny Diez (an honorable man) and those of your former Purchasing Manager, who warned him about his illegal actions and was then fired.
  3. Your CM should be removed, simply for the amount paid to ADA…$159 per hour from a broke city, when Mr. Diez was only being paid $45 per hour when he was a director. Amazing, outrageous and pathetic!
  4. Your CM lied and hid the information from you. This much is obvious to anyone with a brain. However, the great thing about this clown is that this incident is just the tip of the iceberg.

Those of us watching what actually started as a sad soap opera are now hoping that your CM lasts a little longer in his ill-begotten position. That way we’ll be entertained by more revelations and scandals and your City’s reputation will fall even further, if that’s possible.

So we actually hope that you give your CM a pass on Monday. Knowing you guys…that’s probably what you’re planning on doing, anyway.

Oh, yes…and we’re also hoping that your CM’s daddy gets more involved in the hijinks. That is, if he can take time away from his busy schedule of throwing fundraisers for indicted former county commissioners. It will only add to the entertainment value.

As far as Mr. Larry Tibbs‘ supposed extortion attempt, let’s take an objective look from the outside…

  1. You had money for a generous payout to a woman you said perpetrated a Ponzi Scheme against the City.
  2. You had money for Kessler Inc. to investigate (only partially) your wrongdoings and then tried to discredit their findings.
  3. You misappropriated/spent/lost $2.5 million of the taxpayers’ CRA money.
  4. You gave your devious, useless and corrupt CM an 11% raise.
  5. You are paying taxpayer money to a new, totally unqualified Finance Director.
  6. You authorized, retroactively, payment to ADA Engineering totalling $61,000 ($159 per hour) for part-time work (17 weeks) you could have had done for $45 per hour or less.

…and you have no money to pay Mr. Tibbs what he’s owed?

You should really be ashamed of yourselves!

Don’t let us down. We’re counting on you, once again, to do the wrong thing on Monday.

Aletheia Drakos

[Editor’s Note]

City Attorney Jim Brady is a top notch attorney.  Circa 1983.

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