:LL: It is becoming a bit boring redundant typical tedious to document all of the various laws, rules, and regulations that are currently being bent, broken, and ignored by :JA: and his crew.

[cleeng_content id=”531331512″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”0.99″ referral=”0.10″]But what the hell right? Why not another…

Question (and it’s a loaded one): Show of hands. How many of you guys/girls have acquired an online copy of the city’s FY11 budget?

Hold…  Let me ask a follow up…

Question: How many guys/girls know that is required by Florida Law?

(answers below)

The problem we’re talking about here is the CRA balanced budget… Or lack thereof. Also, toss in the fact the City did not publish and/or post a final adopted budget. Making it difficult for you, for I, for the auditors to figure out WTF is going on over there.

I believe that violates at least one Florida Statute.

Also, be prepared for Black, Black & Black Harvey, Covington & Thomas to issue an audit finding.

Answers: 0, everyone except Finance Director Marie Elianor[/cleeng_content]

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