19 Mar Sh*t happens

The payees for Lauderdale Lakes CRA includes the following four agencies:

  1. The County
  2. The City
  3. The Hospital District
  4. The CSC

Did you know that according to Florida Law, an interest payment needs to be collected for TIF bills paid after January 1st? And, not surprisingly, out of those four agencies, guess which one doesn’t pay their bills?

The one with an Assistant to the City Manager Finance Director by the name of Marie Elianor?

And you wanna know why Elianor didn’t make the payment? Choose any of the following three that apply.

  1. She is a blithering f***ing idiot.

But what, it’s :worse(r):.

[cleeng_content id=”720710279″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”0.99″ referral=”0.10″]We ask you to recall Commissioner Assless Chaps blathering about how “f***ing rosey it was over on this side of the fence” and City Attorney Jim Brady Bunch who opined “we’re working our way out.”

Really? If this is ducky, I’d hate to see a situation really completely f***ing hosed and out of control.

All that’s needed is…  Queue a couple dead hookers and an empty Caddy trunk.

Leading us to wonder…

  1. For a city that is doing so well, how come they can’t pay the TIF?
  2. What about the interest being waived for the 2011 late payment.
  3. And let’s not forget the missing 2010 TIF payment (adding to the $2.5M debt).

Sure Assless Chaps, that’s just rosey.

In the end, it’s the local taxpayers who are getting hosed by this fiasco, a MCF being foisted upon us by the CRA board which is allowing :JA: and Elianor free reign.

I remember listening to the Project Manager for the Mars Phoenix Lander describe the highly complex landing maneuver… 12 rocket motors, all firing simultaneously, needed to slow that platform down for landing. When asked what happened if one motor failed to ignite, the PM dead panned “the other 11 will take you right to the crash site.”

I think that’s what’s happening in LL. Thanks to Allen, Elianor, Brady, and Haynes.

Crash site coming up. Much sooner than you think.[/cleeng_content]

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