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[cleeng_content id=”281752913″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”0.49″ referral=”0.10″]I find it sad commentary in life to consider many folks are “down on black people” solely because they are black.

It’s incomprehensible to hate someone based on their skin color. In my life, in my existence, in my tiny little Universe, I don’t allow such stupidity to take place.

Editor’s Note:
If MAOS is after you, it’s not because of your race, gender, or orientation; it’s because you’re bad, evil, and/or a dumb ass.

Sylvia Poitier wasn’t ejected and tossed from office because of her pigmentation, though she’s been making that case as of recent. Rather, it was something much more simple.




In the end and all things considered equal, what Poitier was doing was just plainly wrong.

So for us, we couldn’t stand in silent witness (and did we ever stand mostly alone – absorbing cheap shots, petty criticism, and the what-not) as Sylvia gained advantage over the folks who needed the most help. We took exception to Poitier not because she’s black, but because she’s a goddamn crook.

Hey, who stole 245 225 gallons of paint?

First 11 guesses should not include anyone whose last name ends with Ferguson Poitier.

When her reckoning came this past January, it became very clear that I cared more “for the community” than anyone in Sylvia’s clan.

Editor’s Note:
Even as racism freely abounds, individuals like Poitier use the race card as a shield — which makes total sense in a way as it’s a very effective weapon for neutralizing and deflecting any criticism of her misdeeds.

Actions like hers dilute, and take away from, the true problem of combating racism. In a sense, Poitier f***s her own people. Not once, but twice.

And while I don’t have any experience with the black experience, I certainly know a corrupt politician when I see one.

If I’ve learned anything from my decades-long work with Amnesty International, it’s the importance of protecting people wherever justice, truth and dignity are denied. And it’s from that understanding the essential essence of MAOS begins — the power of one person to change the world.

I mean, if not us, then who?

Speaking of one person mixing things up, have you heard about Anthony Davis‘ non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, Brotherly Love Social Services, being subpoenaed by the United States Department of Justice Office of Inspector General?

Holy shit snacks Batman.

Editor’s Note:
We’ve been telling you all along it was only a matter of time before we’d say “see, we told you so.”

See, we told you so.

From Poitier to Terry Scott to Gloria Battle and now Davis, it’s yet another District #2 cockroach that scurries about when exposed to the light of day.

Sunshine is indeed the best disinfectant.

Now that we know what we know about Davis and Poitier, pay very close attention to the following video. Listen to Poitier, listen to Davis, and think about how they’ve both stolen from all of us

Also remember that I’ve been on this since 2009, out there on a limb, singlehandedly battling corruption. Sometimes in your face, sometimes quietly behind the scenes.

Brotherly Love stank to high heavens.  What they were doing was wrong to me back then and now thanks to Uncle Sam, you’ll all get to see what MAOS has known for years; and along this upcoming journey, we’ll all have ring side seats watching as the DOJ sinks Davis’ battleship.

Not bad eh for a sociopath an activist with very powerful connections within the highest levels of local, state, and federal government?

To my naysayers, I say this. Go ahead and try to f*** with me. I triple dare you. You’d not begin to believe who’s who in our Rolodex these days.

I know this is a lot to absorb, but get ready for another round of “oh shit, really?”.

<< drum roll please >>

MAOS is now reporting that along with Brotherly Love, both JM Family and United Way have also been subpoenaed.

Editor’s Note:
It is safe to assume the Fed’s interest in JM and United Way has to do with the funding they provided to Brotherly Handjob and not any concern on how those two agencies are run.

The Feds are probably following the Davis dollar.

Holy shit snacks Batman.

Being as this is all grants-related, let’s glance back to Brotherly Love’s 2009 (last year they reported) funding:

  1. About $300K from the United States Department of Justice Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant.
  2. Some $82,000 from the Jim Moran Foundation.
  3. And here’s the interesting part — according to Brotherly Love, there wasn’t a single contribution from United Way.

But yet the Feds want to investigate that grant…


Looking for elucidation, we’ve spoken to Legal and here’s MAOS’ best thinking to date:

  1. First, both Anthony Davis and wife, the Lady MacThief, are seriously f***ed.
  2. Did I mention they’re f***ed?
  3. No really, we cannot begin to describe the overall level of f***ed’ness the Davises are facing.
  4. Hell, I could easily imagine Steve Gonot saying “glad I ain’t that bastard” — and Shitbird’s facing a year behind bars.
  5. The DOJ seems to not only be looking at Federal funding, but also private grants.
  6. A review of theirs that seems to span multiple years.
  7. Hello? It’s tax evasion on line two!
  8. I think we’ve seen the end of Brotherly Love. Who’d want to do business with them now?
  9. Praise be to Jesus H. Christ of a Stick and pass the altar boy. Put a fork in Tony, he’s done.

Extraordinarily good news of this caliber makes an atheist such as myself almost believe in a just gawd.

Editor’s Note:
But let’s not get carried away.

And in times like these, who’s gonna bail Davis out?

For those in the audience who have been following this story from the beginning, you might recall this 2011 New Times article.

Candidate Accused of Having Shady Past

By Matthew Hendley
Sun., Jun. 19 2011

Deerfield Beach is holding a special election on July 19 to replace former District 2 Commissioner Sylvia Poitier — who’s facing five misdemeanor counts of falsifying public documents — and out of the four qualified candidates, one has already been accused of abusing public funds.

The Rev. Anthony L. Davis — a former Pompano Beach police officer, BSO deputy, and current church pastor — has been accused of qualifying for Community Development Block Grant funding by falsely stating on his application that he and his wife did not have any real property as assets.

In fact, an internal control review of the city’s community development division by forensic auditor Kessler International found that Davis and his wife were majority owners of one property and owners of four others.

That review led Chaz Stevens — “Best Gadfly” in New Times‘ 2010 Best Of edition — to file a complaint against Davis and his wife to the Broward State Attorney’s Office, alleging they made false statements to obtain property of credit.

Here’s the rundown of how the Davises’ grant process went down, as first reported by New Timesmore than a year ago:

In 2005, Davis and his wife, Margaret, had applied through the Community Development Block Grant to have improvements made to their bathroom that would make it more accessible to their daughter, who has a disability.

Among [Community Development Division contractor] Beth Kofsky’s tasks, she was to ensure that the Davises qualified for a program that’s designed to benefit low-income families. At a minimum, that means scrutinizing the couple’s personal tax returns.

The Davises’ IRS filings from that year, however, show that they reported more than $46,000 in income, meaning they rated as “moderate,” not “low” income. That alone should have been enough to disqualify them, based on what the audit found.

The Davises are associated with a number of other local corporations, but there’s no indication that Kofsky contacted the treasurers of those corporations to get a certified report about whether those were a source of additional income for the couple. In addition, the audit found that Kofsky had neglected to account for the Davises’ ownership interest in other local properties.

Asked why she qualified the Davises for bathroom improvements, Kofsky said that she didn’t have a clear memory of that particular contract. She pointed out, “The city has the final say on income qualification.”

If it wasn’t the city’s fault, Kofsky speculated that the client (the Davises in this case) may have been to blame. “If people don’t give information accurately on their application… we don’t assume the role of FBI,” she said. “We have to rely on people who apply to be truthful.”

New Times asked Davis last week if he could respond to the accusation that he omitted information about his assets from the grant application.

Davis said there was an inquiry from the Broward Sheriff’s Office — Davis’ former employer — but he said they found no wrongdoing on his behalf.

Kessler, however, was never given the chance to review the information Davis says he gave to the BSO before while the Kessler report was being compiled.

When the auditor discovered questionable spending of other grant money received by Davis, Kessler asked for the books on the Brotherly Love King’s Table Community Development.

Davis responded to Kessler by saying he “cannot shut down operations to locate five years worth of records,” the report says.

He later later told the auditor that his attorney advised him not to provide records that “compromise our agency or staff’s personal security,” according to the report.

Nothing ever came from the State Attorney’s Office in regard to Stevens’ complaint, and Davis tells New Times he didn’t list his properties as assets on the application — dated December 5, 2006 — because he didn’t own said properties at that time.

According to the Broward County Property Appraiser’s Office, Davis currently owns three other properties besides the home that was remodeled with the grant.

He filed quitclaim deeds on two of those properties — both of which he owned before December 2006 — a few months before applying for the grant, but Davis and his wife have remained listed as owners of the properties ever since.

The other is a unit at the Evergreen Lakes Condominiums in Coconut Creek of which Davis and his wife have retained 70 percent ownership since November 2005.

None of those properties made an appearance on the application for the grant.

Aside from this, Davis repeatedly denied to New Times that his association with the former Community Development Block Grant director for the city, Stephanie McMillian, influenced his acquisition of the CDBG funds.

We ask because McMillian — who is related to former Commissioner Sylvia Poitier — was listed as an officer of the Davises’ Brotherly Love King’s Table Community Development Corp. in a 2007 corporate filing.

But now Davis is running for Deerfield Beach commissioner, a spot vacated by the criminally charged Poitier — whom the report alleges his ties to.

In the meantime, without any formal investigation, the allegations against Davis remain just allegations.

Two final thoughts before I take my leave.

First, some words by Ralph Bunche.

To make our way, we must have firm resolve, persistence, tenacity. We must gear ourselves to work hard all the way. We can never let up.

And then just this one word.

Federal Criminal Indictment.

That’s three Chaz.

Wait, one final final word.

Recently, a disgraced citizen noted — “Chaz always mentions criminal doom and gloom, but nothing ever happens. He’s full of shit.”

So you say.[/cleeng_content]

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