Sun Bergeron Chooses Hill+Knowlton Strategies


This just in from the Miami Herald.

MIAMI — Sun Bergeron today announced that the company has engaged Hill+Knowlton Strategies for immediate support on its strategic messaging and ongoing marketing communications. The account will be led by Hill+Knowlton Strategies Miami, with support from the firm’s U.S. network.

Sun Bergeron is a game-changing, solid waste-processing and full service recycling company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A joint venture between Sun Recycling and Bergeron Environmental and Recycling, the company has a clear goal to help governments achieve zero waste by minimizing landfilling and incineration through new, innovative technologies and processes for diverting and recycling waste. Sun Bergeron has more than 35 combined years of experience in the waste and recycling industry and a proven history in logistics and disaster recovery—including the BP Oil Spill clean-up in 2010.

H+K will support Sun Bergeron on various issues ranging from corporate communications, media relations and research, as well as community relations.

“Hill+Knowlton Strategies is a world-class communications consultancy and we feel confident that the team’s strategic thinking will help bring awareness to our mission,” said Ron Bergeron Sr. of Sun Bergeron. “The power of H+K’s network will give Sun Bergeron a competitive advantage.”

“Sun Bergeron is changing the face of recycling in the U.S.,” said Cori Rice, general manager of H+K Strategies Miami. “Our comprehensive and actionable communications plan will help the company communicate its commitment to innovative and environmentally friendly methods of waste disposal. Sun Bergeron is a cutting-edge company focused on diversion and recycling strategies for waste disposal and saving taxpayer money.”

Sun Bergeron is experiencing rapid growth and therefore exposure—as exemplified by the June 26, 2012 signing of an agreement with Florida’s Broward County to bring a second company into a service held by just one company—Wheelabrator—for 25 years.

The H+K Strategies team will work with Sun Bergeron to create a set of strategic messages for the company that will form the communications blueprint for the organization as it continues to win business and fuel growth. With a cleaner, greener and financially beneficial solution for diverting and recycling waste, Sun Bergeron is positioned to become a major competitive force in the industry and is looking to H+K Strategies to support its vision.

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