So much for Brotherly Love


It dawned on me this AM, I’ve yet to give Pastor Anthony Davis an appropriate moniker.

[cleeng_content id=”780007164″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”0.49″ referral=”0.10″]Let’s fix that up shall we, and that begins by tossing the following ingredients into the MAOS Name Calling Blender.

  1. We’ll start with the name of his organization – Brotherly Love Social Services.
  2. A liberal helping of a certain “big time agency” crawling up his ass.
  3. Mash down the turbo button for five seconds, and voila!

It’s Brolonoscopy!


Like a summertime movie previews, those in the audience who have an interest in Brolonoscopy’s future might be benefited by watching the following movies. As for the rest, here’s the cliff notes:

We have been working diligently and honorably with this city for the past 25 years and we’ve never given this body a reason to distrust our integrity. In light of the current issues being alleged, I believe the law says we are innocent until proven guilty. Not only have we not been proven guilty of breaking any laws, but we have not as much been given a charge of any wrong doing. It’s a situation where we’re being unduly punished for something we have no knowledge of. I’d like to get a reply from the full commission tonight, if that’s possible, as to why that’s being done.

Sylvia Poitier:
This has something to do with the Kessler Report.

Burgess Hanson:
I would not have recommended the city be the fiscal agent for your agency.


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