24 Jul Illegal fees continue in Lauderdale Lakes.

Here’s some intel that floated over the MAOS transom.

[cleeng_content id=”847201880″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”0.99″ referral=”0.10″]1. Seems lots of hell was raised about the City cutting civilian board reimbursements — in particular the school advisory board. No cuts to either :JA: or :ME:’s salary.

Fun facts: Board members get a $50/month stipend, with a total of $16,000/year budgeted for all the board.

The peasants are gathering some pitchforks.

Queue the giant wet fart.

2. Fees, oh those gloriously illegal and improperly used fees. Questions are finally being raised (hello McFly!) about the Solid Waste fees. :JA2:, :ME2:, and assorted dingleberries took a sidebar seeking the best possible lie answer. No answer forthcoming… Grandma’s favorite pecan pie recipe was offered as a consolation prize.

We opine the small rate reduction (two items from the McDonald’s Dollar Menu) is a farce. Given what’s happening around the county, the waste rates should be sliced by 50%+.

Same thing with the Stormwater fee.The 2013 fee remains unchanged from 2012 (jacked 160%).

3. All these passed, but there was noticeable dissension on the dais.

The residents get f***ed and candidates for office get some material to work with.[/cleeng_content]

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