Operation Log Jam

As part of a nationally coordinated effort by the Drug Enforcement Agency, “Operation Log Jam” resulted in nationwide arrests of manufacturers and retailers of herbal incense products. Specifically, the DEA has alleged in sworn affidavits that all herbal incense products contain chemicals that are analogues of illegal chemicals and are prosecuting individuals accordingly.We disagree.

Chemical analysts, independent lab tests, and the actual marketing materials of most herbal incense products which clearly indicate they are not for human consumption, support our position that these products, as unpopular as they might be in the eyes of law enforcement, are not illegal analogue chemicals and the manufacturers are nothing more than legitimate businesspeople that help support local economy.

Regardless, deference must be given to the opinion/position of the DEA until these matters are determined once and for all in Federal Courts. The DEA has made it abundantly clear that it is their intention to arrest all persons involved with the sale, distribution, and manufacture of these products.

Accordingly, Siegel Siegel & Wright cannot, in good faith, advise any clients that it is safe or legal to engage in such business until these matters are resolved in Court and a final determination is made as to their actual legality.

If you are a manufacturer, retailer or distributor of incense or incense related products, or have been charged criminally, please contact us for further information.

Thomas H. Wright III, Esquire

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Chaz Stevens

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