Brought in ME- what a train wreck here.


The following is a guest commentary …

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First there was Tibbs (Sep 2010) – he resigned and departed the City for the second time as of  Sep 30, 2010 only to rewarded by being notified that he was terminated after he resigned and started work elsewhere. Essentially for putting together the City Manager directed budget for 2011 in which he was not even there after fighting and resigning earlier in 2010 for not getting action on taking necessary cuts in 2010.

It could not be for performance. This was the same person hired in 2005 on the same day with four other department heads to lead the City out of crisis. To save the City from declaring financial emergency at that time, he brought the finance department back in-house, closed two fiscal years simultaneously and prepared required financial reports for the State. Later he garnered national recognition for two years of budgets (an absolute first for the City).

He became the longest serving finance director in history for the City (5 years) surpassing the previous record of 1.5 years. He also outlasted the other three department directors hired on the same day in 2005.

The second longest lasting department head (of the four hired in 2005) is also an interesting story. Kathleen Margoles was brought in to clean up the Parks and Recreation Department. Everything went smoothly until she was involved in a confrontation with a Commissioner during a meeting in 2009 Shortly after that she resigned. That Commissioner was Eric Haynes and she was rumored to being given the option by her supervisor, Mr. JA, the ACM, to resign or be terminated (sound familiar?). She resigned and left. Again that could not be for performance as she had revamped the entire Parks Dept., reined in the sports leagues, and cleaned up the grant issues related to the summer camp programs.

Fast forward to Oct 2010:

Then in late Oct 2010 the PW Director, P. Alleyne, (the last real one) left. The same person who came in behind JA’s huge mistake with Abu Canady and cleaned up his mess. Also he got the many GO Bond Projects back on tract and ensured that several expiring grant projects were completed just in the nick of time due to the grant funds expiring that JA had let linger for years. He left because he could not stomach what was going on- complete lack of trust in the CM and the continued actions of his boss-Mr. JA, ACM. PW Director was targeted by JA since he worked too well with the rest of City staff and Commission and was professional.

Then in Dec 2010 the layoffs started-

First the IT area and in particular the IT Manager, L Thibault, was targeted. A vendetta for personal reasons by the ACM at that time Mr. JA? Seems there was a grievance filed with the City for ethics against JA by the IT Manager and JA as the HR Director had the then HR Manager, Ms. Giddens-Jones (we will see her name again) sweep it under the rug. The case has since gone to the State and the OIG. The IT Manager took the layoff to spare what was left of the IT area. This is the same person that came into the City, brought the IT function back in-house, upgraded all systems, and made the area functional again so it could not have been a performance issue.

Another person targeted for layoff was the PW Administrative Manager, C. VanFliet. He was targeted due to his knowledge of no-bid contracts coming out of PW directed by none other- JA himself. The Waste Management contract was the classic case of this as it was indicated that JA himself directed Mr. VF that purchasing was to be by-passed. There were numerous other areas that he was aware of so he had to go.

Another person targeted for layoff was the Purchasing Manager, D. LeRay. Although the position was identified for layoff by the previous CM, the position could have been saved. Remember Ms. Giddens-Jones, HR Manager, from above. Her position was to be deleted, it was saved by JA and she was promoted to HR and Risk Mgmt. Director, and given a raise (so really did not take a 10% cut like the others).  Later when the OIG report came out we understand why JA did not want a P Mgr. She had not gone along with his no-bid contract with ADA Eng. and Manny Diez. Again the P. Mgr. had brought the purchasing function back in-house, cleaned up the area, and had received excellent performance reviews so it could not be a performance issue.

Targeted for layoff was the Senior Services Coordinator/Supervisor, Ms. S. Campbell.  She was a long time employee of the City (almost 30 years) in the Senior Center and Parks Dept. she was highly regarded in the community. Her crime- she had witnessed JA and a direct report staff member in an inappropriate rendezvous and had reported it. So she had to go.

Although JA did not take over as CM until May 2011, his actions and influence run through all of these and many more. Remember his connection to Giddens-Jones and controlling HR.

(These are only some of the key ones- a lot more laid off of course)

Asst FD La Toya Cason- the previous CM kept her on for obvious reasons that we know. After previous CM was terminated, JA kept LC around for a couple of more months. Two weeks before Kessler came in for the report, JA fired her and told Kessler- we fired the person responsible for CRA, end of story- no need for any further investigation here.

Look at the current CM and his replacements and changes:

D’Andrea Giddens-Jones- now HR and Risk Mgmt. Director (one person department?), saved from layoffs, payback for help with grievance above and numerous other issues still ongoing?

Treasa Brown Stubbs- now combined Parks and Senior Services Director (we know of their relationship-other employees have been terminated and laid-off because of it)

Terrence Barber- Parks Manager (partner in crime especially with sports leagues, etc.) JA awarded him with $10k City funded training through the NFPBA for being quiet and loyal?

Celeste Dunmore- now Asst to City Manager (doing what)

Brought in ME- what a train wreck here.  And she brought in her sister-in-law.

Latest causalities

Ada Jones and Hazeline Carson

Ada came over from Tamarac with S. Hawthorne (and JA to be PW Director) to be the first CM at L Lakes. Was Exec Asst to all three CMs the City has had. (Stanley was a mentor to JA- JA stabbed him in back later). She came back off FMLA leave, he moved her to C Clerk’s office. Was a leak. Less than two months later, he gives her a letter- eliminates the position, moves her to City Clerk as Admin Coordinator, reducing salary by 20k. She then resigns. 2013 Budget does not reflect this change- just BS.

Hazeline Carson- you know this story.

And so for the few good ones still there, you may go at any time. Waiting to talk will not save you as history has shown.

As you read this, who seems to be in control most of the time, especially since Sep 2010.

(And if we are counting that is Caucasian-Tibbs, Margoles, Thibault, Campbell, and Jones)

(Black- non NFBPA- Alleyne and LeRay)

(Black-NFBPA- H. Carson) goes to show that his paranoia overrides any other loyalty. She was a threat to him both professionally (Anita handpicked her) and job wise.

(NFBPA members protected- all others but when will their time run out as the heat turns up?)[/cleeng_content]

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