Was City Clerk Carson fired for gossiping?

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The key phrase below is “best suited” for the job, a role that Lauderdale Lakes City Clerk Hazeline Carson, suddenly, after eight well-reviewed years on the job, didn’t fulfill.

“I believe that one of my responsibilities as city manager is to make strategic decisions in order to assemble an executive team that is best suited to continue to move the city forward and into recovery,” Allen wrote in a memo to the mayor and commissioners about the termination.

[cleeng_content id=”523124908″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”0.99″ referral=”0.10″]- :JA:

Carson, given no warning, was told by :JA2:, “resign or be fired.”

“There’s no specific reason why he’s getting rid of me as city clerk,” Carson said. “Although you might be reorganizing the city clerk’s office, why are you terminating my employment?”

According to one well-placed source,

Anyone that knows Ms. Carson knows she is a work horse-tireless, there day and night, first to get there and last to leave, and never complaining. If she is tired he was dumping on her unduly. Yes she is class person and should be glad to be out of there. You will do better and be more appreciated elsewhere.


As previously posted, it was rumored Carson was our inside horse.

Patently not true. Not ever. Not once.

Editor’s Note:

We recall similar rumors about Ada Jones. Again, not true.


Regarding our policy of disclosing sources, we could…

Indicate Person X is our source. As our ability to protect folks courageous enough to talk is paramount, this is a non-starter.

Indicate Person X isn’t our source. Folks may think we’re spinning.

Neither confirm/deny Person X isn’t our source. When others say this, I immediately think “that’s their source.”

Keep our f***ing cakehole closed. At times, the reasoned approach.

So what about in Carson and Jones’s case? Here we took route #2, hoping Carson’s next gig will consider our words.


With the Clerk’s firing, our attention returned to the OIG report’s recommendation of hiring an auditor.

“F*** that,” thinks :JA2:.

“Blow me,” retorts Chaz Stevens, Genius.

Without an auditor reporting directly to the Commission, all financial documents (budget, statements, and reports) shat out by :JA2: and :ME: will not undergo independent review.

The Commission – they along with we, you, and I – will have to accept :JA2:’s word on it.

And a weasely one at that.[/cleeng_content]

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