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The gossip mill is really churning out some good stuff today.

Here’s an email that just came across our transom.

Heard yesterday some more about her [Hazeline Carson] firing.

The supposed leak of information last week was the last draw.

Also she had opposed him on PRRs for some time now and being honest.

But the biggest thing-

Back in Aug 2011, the CC as acting CM while JA was in Africa got with Brady and called a special meeting (Aug 25 I think). It was to be the day he came back. That is when ME drafted the attached letter for the meeting-

City was not balancing pooled cash, could not pay bills, not paying BSO, basically showed that she was clueless…. embarrassed the crap out of him

He never forgave her for that…  Tore her up in the next staff meeting…

And then right after that audio surfaced….

Here’s that attached letter.

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