01 Aug Bill Julian is Great Dementertainment.

Is Bill Julian retarded?  No really, is he?

I was mostly convinced of his adult-onset dementia (started in his youth) when I caught a glimpse of him walking the streets of South Florida adorned with this beanie-cap.

Julian, as most in the audience don’t realize, is looking to recapture his Commissioner-post glory (hole) by unseating the criminally-enabled Anthony Sanders.

And no, we opine, that’s not retarded, that’s just f***ing silly.

What is retarded is the $100 Julian contributed to his opponent’s (Sanders) campaign.

Now that is retarded.

Julian, who drives around town in a beater car, lives with mumsie, and hasn’t had a job in years, is not only able to give Sanders a benjamin, but can fund his own campaign with 20 large?


We wonder, did he happen to save the envelope?

On closer exam, I bet you find Mayor Joy Cooper‘s lipstick (color: crack whore red) on it.

And, for those keeping score at home, we brought this exact concern to our friends at the OIG and SAO.

Mazel Tov!


Thick as thieves.


From the video vault.

If you are ever sitting next to *former* Hallandale Beach City Commissioner Bill Julian, make sure to look before you sit. Otherwise you might find out, as Mayor Joy Cooper had on this occasion, Julian will pull the chair right out from under you.

PS London 2012 (and we also mean the Olympics!)

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