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So I wonder, and maybe you are also, just how bad are we getting hammered by Waste Management?

[cleeng_content id=”280874318″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”0.99″ referral=”0.10″]Hammered… Overbilled. Forgotten reimbursements. That sort of thing.

And if you look, and not very hard at that, you’ll find buckets of money here and over there.

Like say the $287,657 overbilled to the residents of Delray Beach.

Or the $84,584.60 paid back to the City of Boca Raton — along with this (kinda sorta) apology.

We at Waste Management are looking forward to providing excellent service to your residents and continuing our good working relationship with you and the City for many years to come.

Show of hands please…

How many people think getting taken for $90K is a good working relationship?

Also, let us not forget $19,750.17 in City of Gulfstream Franchise Fees that Waste Management neglected to reimburse.


The Gulfstream annual contract with Waste decreased from $144,588 to $122,988 effective 10/01/08 – a 14.9% decline. At the same time, Delray’s residential contract with Waste increased 63.1%.

Gulfstream’s manager (Mr. Thrasher) stated in writing, “The reduction is a combination of corrections to their (Waste’s) data base and some bargaining.”

This begs a critical question, “How much was Waste overbilling Gulfstream in prior years and can Waste’s data be trusted?

In the coming weeks, your pallies at MAOS will be querying every single municipality in South Florida that’s provided service by Waste Management. Our inquiry will be simple — “yo homey, for the last decade, let me knows how much the kind folks at WM have overbilled, underpaid, or pretty much f***ed over the taxpayer.”

We’ll report back as that intel comes available.


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