Updated: Giving them a break.

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Mr. John Stunson
City Manager
Oakland Park

[cleeng_content id=”323353742″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”3.49″ referral=”0.10″]My name is Chaz Stevens and I am an investigative reporter with The Broward Post.

I’ve been told that former staffer Marie Elianor, for the first few weeks on her job as Lauderdale Lakes Finance Director and after being let go from your City, was still on the Oakland Park clock. That is, Elianor was doing work for Lauderdale Lakes, yet the Oakland Park taxpayer was footing the bill.

Given this…

  1. Is is true that the City of Oakland Park continued to pay Elianor’s salary after she was no longer employed?
  2. If true, were members of your Commission aware of this activity? If so, can you kindly inform me who?
  3. Can you explain a comment supposedly attributed to you, where you indicated “you were just giving Lauderdale Lakes a break by covering Elianor’s salary?”
  4. Were you aware that Elianor had *no* previous experience as a Finance Director, yet was hired on as one? If so, can you bump that up against the notion of “giving them a break”?
  5. Elianor, continually ranked the lowest of all your executive Staff, and yet somehow that’s construed as “giving them a break.” Can you clarify?


On another unrelated matter, can you kindly explain your reasoning for “sole sourcing to Fort Lauderdale” the Fire Rescue services? How does this align with your city’s competitive bidding process? In the end, what is your position on competition — as it pertains to lower costs and better service?

Lastly, the following is a request for public information.

  1. I request an in-person review of Elianor’s personnel file.
  2. Additionally, I would like to review Elianor’s payroll summary report for her last year of employment.
  3. I would like copies of your emails for the last month (city supplied and/or personal accounts if emails sent thru them were city business related).
  4. I would like copies of your cellular phone records for the three months.
  5. I would like copies of your last five financial disclosure forms.


Chaz Stevens, Investigative Reporter
Broward Post



I received the following email from Assistant City Manager Horace McHugh:

Chaz:  This serves as a response to your email to the City Manager, who is out of the office until 8-20.

Questions 1 & 2: Marie’s employment with the City ranged from 5/5/03 and ended on 7/1/11 following her resignation.   She was paid for  her employment thru that period, in addition to any accruals for unused PTO.   Based on the city’s payroll cycle, it is possible that her payment was generated after her Lauderdale Lakes start date.
Questions 3, 4, 5: These relate specifically to comments attributed to the City Manager and I am not able to address these.

Fire Outsourcing:  We do not have our fire-rescue services outsourced to Fort Lauderdale, but perform the services ourselves.  The City currently has our own Fire-Rescue department, staffed with about 66 personnel and a $9.5 million budget.  Through routine mutual aid agreements, we work with both the city of Fort Lauderdale and BSO’s fire-rescue staff to serve as backup to our response team if our units are otherwise occupied.  This is a common practice within the industry.[/cleeng_content]

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