Ed Phillips up to no-good-nik?


We now return back to 2010 and Kessler International‘s looksee into the City of Pompano Beach aka the Internal Control Review (ICR) of the Office of Housing and Urban Improvement.

Stop! Don’t click away. This isn’t old news…

While there’s plenty to talk about with that effort, we’re going to spend a moment on Dr. Alex Medina, Administrative Coordinator to the OHUI, and his time under the Kessler microscope.

If you say you are a Federal Agent and you are not, ‘the Fed’s get mad.’

– Alex Medina

Thanks Alex. Good to know.

Medina was also pals with former Pompano Beach Commissioner Edward Philips and his wife Mary.

Team Phillips, recipients of sizable amounts of Federal Grant (CDBG) money, also vibrantly popped up on Kessler’s radar, with the auditors reporting numerous conflicts of interest, filing discrepancies, missing documentation, and procurement policy violations.

Thankfully, city leaders woke up and cut the government cheese chord cord.

“In recent review of Small Biz Community and Economic Development Corporation (SBCEDC) sub-grantee agreement, it was brought to our attention that there may be serious conflict(s) of interest issues. This is a potentially serious problem because it may, as you are currently constituted, impede your ability to carry out the program.

It is required that all agencies disclose instances of this nature. We did note a disclosure reference for Mr. Edward Phillips in your file, but it was not a public disclosure.”

– Willie A. Hopkins, Jr., Assistant City Manager

Which brings us to the present, where you will find us tracking down a possible story involving a recent $10,000 grant to Team Phillips.

When will they ever learn?

Ostensibly we’ve been told, this money was to be used for “graduation related stuff.” However, our sources indicate some of the cash may have been diverted to the Class of 1972 Reunion fund.

Also, there’s been some complaints regarding the basketball team getting cheated out of its fair share (a couple of championship rings, but that’s about it).

Hell, even Vincente “Going To Jail Soon” Thrower is said to be upset.

We’ll keep you in the loop as this story develops.

* We happily note Medina was fired due to destruction of records (and other acts of misconduct).

PS Suck it, Judy Wilson.

Alex Medina

Small Biz Community and Economic Development Corp.

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