Getting the OIG involved.


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Dear OIG Peoples;

Greetings… Hope all is well on your end.

A most-golden source indicates former Pompano Beach Commissioner Ed Phillips, and wife Mary, may have “repurposed / misused” portions of their city grant ($10,000).

That’s one for you, three for us.
That’s one for you, four for us.

Lacking a second source, I am hesitant to swear to the veracity of this claim.

However, I would like to bring the Broward OIG officially on board and ask that someone(s) from your agency crawl up Ed’s butt and have a peek.

This isn’t, as you will recall, the first time that Phillips(es) have been accused of some shady assed stuff. I’d say they’re Pompano’s version of Sylvia Poitier, but that’d be disrespectful to cousin Woody — not wanting to take away from his own criminal enterprise efforts.

Have a look. Bust some coconuts. Buy an MAOS t-shirt. Also, kindly confirm receipt of this email.

That is all.

Semper Fi. Carry On.

Chaz Stevens, Genius


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