11 Aug Do whatever it takes.

Show of hands please. How many folks ever received $7,500 in cash from Waste Management, which you then used to pay for a party held in your Uncle’s honor?

[cleeng_content id=”331436495″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”0.99″ referral=”0.10″]Yep, as we suspected… Only hand I see raised belongs to :CT:.


Our well-connected sources up yonder in Palm Beach County believe the upcoming OIG report will be about the Riviera Beach / Waste Management “slush fund.”

And in preparation, here’s a few excerpts from our own upcoming story.



On February 2, 2011, Thomas stated he was not prepared to approve Waste Management’s $30M contract, unless they agreed to contribute money annually to the slush fund.

Waste Management’s general manager, Butch Carter, stated on the record that he was authorized to do whatever it took to get the contract executed.

Even though Waste Management ranked in last place (4/4), Riviera Beach awarded them the $30M contract.


Every year, Waste Management contributes $90,000 ($15,000 per official / $7,500 in April, $7,500 in October) to the Riviera Beach Community Benefit fund.

This past winter, Thomas wanting to throw a black-tie affair party honoring his Uncle, but finding himself short of cash, “borrowed” $7,500 from the taxpayer in the form of an “advance”.

Now that is a good gig if you can get it.


A $90,000 investment for a $30M contracts realizes a 333% ROI.[/cleeng_content]

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