Engaged in a scheme to defraud?

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So what does Deerfield’s Pastor Anthony Davis (currently under an MAOS launched DOJ investigation) and the Black Broward Elected Officials (criminally and anally probed by the State) have in common? Well, besides the obvious answer of being thug-a-licious?

[cleeng_content id=”593520453″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”0.99″ referral=”0.10″]They both have used the services of :RH: of :HCT:.

Now, next question … what do :RH2: and :JA: have in common? Well, besides being in a political threesome with :EH:, that is…

Both have been alleged in a complaint to have …

Engaged in an organized scheme to defraud the public by intentionally withholding the city’s actual cash balance in order to further their mutual vested financial interest.

Peaked your curiosity?

Good! Then read on …

Saturday, August 11, 2012

David W. Martin, CPA
State of Florida Auditor General
Claude Pepper Building
111 West Madison Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1450

Chaz Stevens
MAOS / The Broward Post

Sent via: email, fax, and FedEx overnight.

RE: FY 2011 Financial Statements of the City of Lauderdale Lakes and the 2011 Audited Financial Statements by the firm Harvey, Covington & Thomas, LLC

Dear Sir:

After an exhaustive nine-month investigation into Lauderdale Lakes’ rapidly deteriorating financial condition, I believe both City Manager Jonathan Allen and Rod Harvey, CPA have engaged in an organized scheme to defraud the public by intentionally withholding the city’s actual cash balance.

Long-time friends, those individuals would appear to have a mutual vested financial interest in the curtailing of such information.

From my painstaking audit review, I noted cash “due to/from”:

  • p. 17: Governmental Funds ($2.9M in loans)
  • p. 21: Proprietary Funds
  • p. 51: Non-major Governmental Funds

“Cash and cash equivalents” fund amounts including:

  • Proprietary Funds: $1,692,976
  • Total Pooled Cash: $1,726,312
  • Total Investments: $37,005
  • Governmental Funds: $33,336

Supposedly insolvent, the following loans were made:

  • General Fund: ($4.8M) deficit / $1.4M loan
  • Fire Fund: ($1.7M) deficit / $511,490 loan

Other restricted-usage fund loans listed:

  • 2005 Bond Construction Fund: $646,128
  • CDBG Minor Home Repair Fund: $206,987
  • Transportation Gas Tax Fund: $72,396
  • Law Enforcement Fund: $25,444

All together, these loans exceeded the FY11 Ending Total Pooled Cash balance; of which there were two different reported balances:

  • 2011 Audited Financial Statement: $1,726,312
  • City’s accounting system: $1,433,788

As the audit clearly fails to identify the actual cash balance, it therefore does not meet Governmental Accounting Standards Board and Generally Accepted Accounting Practices disclosure requirements.

Given all this, I request an investigation of Harvey, Covington, and Thomas, LLC.


Chaz Stevens
Investigative Reporter
MAOS / The Broward Post

Broward County Commission
Lauderdale Lakes City Commission
Broward Office of Inspector General
Broward State Attorney’s Office
State of Florida Legislative Auditing Committee
Florida Department of Financial Services

Binder – HCT – Collusion – Martin[/cleeng_content]

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