Gwen Denton strikes again.


When I first heard the name Gwen Denton, it was followed shortly thereafter by the words “avoid at all costs.”

Denton, an activist living in :LL:, seems to simultaneously provoke dread and interest. There are those who consider her to be “uncouth, but a formidable pitbull”, while others say she’s a lackey for :EH:.

As for MAOS, what do we think?

I think that anyone that’s involved, anyone that takes the time to hold the unaccountable accountable, anyone that’s personally involved and not bitching from the sidelines, anyone like that gets my support.

So what if she’s rough around the edges? As New Times reporter Tom Francis once told me, isn’t it a bit greedy to ask for gadflies with impeccable manners?

The gadfly business is an odd affair, and if you’re not in our game, then you just don’t have a clue what it takes.

And who cares if Denton is uncouth… After all, she jacked up :BR: with an ethics complaint… So she has that win…

F***, I say the word “f***” a f***ing lot. Hell, according to the old folks around these parts (Deerfield Beach), I’m the second coming of ________ (insert an asshole’s name of your choice).

Oh, and by the way, did you know she filed two new complaints?

I’ve got them… Care to check them out? Then it’s gonna cost you — say about 20 seconds of your time.

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Chaz Stevens

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Chaz Stevens


According to John Stewart, I am the General Patton of the War on Xmas. Father, Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus Pole. Professional troublemaker.
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