Knocked out Glass Jon in 42 seconds.

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To: Jon Allen, Lauderdale Lakes City Manager
CC: The world

Hey :JA:;

Just wanted to let you know.

I’m meeting with the OIG on Thursday to share my “jaw dropping information”,  some simply amazing shit that will make your head spin — well, that is, if you’re a proponent of open, honest, transparent government.

Question (1): Did you really think you could make me “pay to play”?
Question (2): Are you really that f***ing stupid?

(1) Apparently so
(2) Duh and/or hello

[cleeng_content id=”835301225″ description=”Don\’t stop now, it was just getting good!” price=”0.49″ referral=”0.05″]Really? Pay to play? What was going thru that rather dense mind of yours?  Did you not think I’d find out?  Well, I did.

[youtube_sc url=”JdfD8TaFvnc”]

I’d love to share with you my intel, but that ain’t gonna happen. Perhaps you can get your Daddy to send me another Cease and Desist. Take me to court and find out what I know in Discovery. Then again, I’d get to find out what you know in Discovery.

However, I think this deal is going to be settled much quicker than that sort of nonsense.

It is going to be sweet poetic justice…

One last thing. Ring up former Deerfield Beach City Manager Larry Deetjen (another racist CM, who knew…)  Ask him what it’s like to have to deal with me… Five years after the fact.

I make it REALLY difficult for him to escape his past.

Toodles bro.[/cleeng_content]

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