Riviera Beach mayor declares state of emergency


WPBF Channel 25 reporting.

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The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development inspected a Riviera Beach apartment complex Monday after the mayor called on agencies at all levels to do whatever it takes to rid the place of its deplorable living conditions.

Mayor Thomas Masters declared a state of emergency for the Stonybrook Apartments on Friday, saying the residents are living in filth among rats, roaches and mold.

Several inspectors traveled from Jacksonville to Riviera Beach to get a first-hand look at the living conditions.

Exterminators also spent part of the day spraying the complex’s 216 units.

Miami Mar, the management company that specializes in refurbishing distressed HUD properties, bought the complex three months ago and has spent $200,000 restoring the property.

“In the short time that we’ve been here, I think we’ve accomplished great goals, and I think we are continuing to press forward in trying to rehab as many of these units as possible as quickly as we can,” Eddy Montes said.

Masters said HUD’s presence is a good start to fixing the problem.

“Hopefully they will see exactly what we know is going on,” Masters said. “They’ve heard the testimonies, and now they’re here to do what they have to do.”
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