16 Aug Channeling his inner Gonot.

A long time and well respected staffer is no longer employed at the City of Deerfield Beach. Sources close to MAOS indicate Commissioner Bill Ganz was a driving force behind this individual’s leaving.

[cleeng_content id=”280056997″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”3.49″ referral=”0.10″]We’re trying to confirm the details.

Looks like, in the end, yet another District #4 politician turned asstard. What’s in the water out there?

Quick quiz:

  1. Who was impressed with Ganz at the start of his term?
  2. Who’s still impressed with him?


Full disclosure: Back in the day, Ganz was my #1 source. He actively worked behind the scenes attempting to manipulate the city’s politics.

[pwal id=”14210054″ description=””]In the end, I grew tired of his childish antics — helping MAOS in private and then taking cheap shots at me in public.


Oh, I got a thick skin. I also have balls.

Both in short supply with Bill.


When the time is right, I’ll disclose some “choice” emails of his and you can judge for yourself Mr. “I Always Do The Right Thing” Ganz.

Bill worries about a circus. I hope he looks good in clown’s makeup, ’cause there’s gonna be one.[/pwal][/cleeng_content]

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