More No Bid Contracts.


After my meeting today with the Broward OIG, I dusted off these notes and sent ‘em a copy.

[cleeng_content id=”911799183″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”0.99″ referral=”0.10″]The following refers to the City of Lauderdale Lakes and their (mis)handling of the Waste Management contract.


At the referenced meeting, Resolution 2011-94 was enacted to defer debt due to Waste Management for solid waste services. Over $428,000 due Waste Management for the period June- September 2011 is being deferred until February 2012 due to cash flow issues.

The funds to pay solid waste are collected as a special assessment and are restricted to that use only. These restricted funds were collected during FY 2011 so they should have been available to pay Waste Management, unless those dedicated funds have been misused for another purpose.

By deferring the payment for FY 2011 to FY 2012 means that there will not be enough special assessment solid waste fees to pay the FY 2012 bill further aggravating the financial condition of the City especially as it relates to cash flow.

That was not disclosed.

[pwal id=”14187663″ description=””]Again referencing Resolution 2011-94 for Waste Management, if you look at the Memorandum of Understanding that is Exhibit A to the Resolution, Clause #5 it states:

“The parties agree to use their best efforts to negotiate an extension of the franchise agreement for an additional five years past its current termination.”

This indicates that the City will not go out for a solicitation for these services at the normal end of the agreement as would be normal. Is this not an unfair award since this is now a commitment to extend the current agreement?

Does not sound like good contracting procedures- where is the competition?

If you look at the voting record on issues with Waste Management (both this Resolution and Resolution #2011-89 passed at the previous meeting), you will see some Commissioners abstained from voting. Aren’t there others that have conflicts that should have been declared?

If you look closer you might see that.


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