Should a $65M trash contract be bid?

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Believe it or not, those in charge of Delray Beach believe this is actually something that’s worth considering.

[cleeng_content id=”777626060″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”0.99″ referral=”0.10″]Mon, someone(s) be seriously baked.

We wonder, is it possible Mayor Woodie McDuffie is as moronic as he seems?

It is worth noting McDuffie, in his recent failed attempt for County Election Supervisor, received substantial contributions from Waste Management.

Oh, another pay to play…

[pwal id=”14181289″ description=””] Making all this, for him, a tough balancing act between his public office aspirations and well, the need to avoid political suicide by extending the Waste Management contract without bids.

And a $65M contract at that.

Hence this questionnaire, which will give him coverage “don’t blame me, blame the unwashed masses.” The unwashed masses, that is, who just want open fair competition.

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