20 Aug They need more complaints?

Give the inspector general a chance.

No one said it would be easy, much less immediate.

It was just a year ago the Broward County Inspector General’s office opened its doors to widespread acclaim. Fast forward approximately 365 days and $2 million later, and the office has yet to investigate a single violation of the county’s new ethics code.

The official explanation might strike some as odd, given the zeal 365 days ago that prompted voters to create the watchdog agency to rid Broward of its “Corruption County” moniker. John Scott, the inspector general, attributes the lack of investigations to a lack of complaints. He has not implemented any probes either. As he put it, “There’s been a paucity of ethics-related allegations.

Those words might amount to an “I told you so!” from early opponents of the inspector general’s office who argued that the work of enforcing ethical behavior could be better done by already existing agencies, most notably the Broward state’s attorney, instead of a new and costly startup.

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