An open letter from Kenneth MacNamee

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Mayor McDuffie:

You are quoted in the above editorial, “Mayor McDuffie says he has not found the billing errors Mr. MacNamee cites.” Either you don’t read or you have poor recall.

Attached as Exh. # 6 is the City’s spreadsheet. Go to column “AE” row 15. WM overbilled the City $4,640 for April 2005. Scroll down to line 66 and the WM overbilling for July 2009 was $18,051. The total overbilling for the 52 month period from Apr 05 till Jul. 09, according to the City’s calculations, was $287,657! This fact was also conveyed to you in my 9/1/2010 letter to you and the other Commissioners when I protested your $177,926 GIVEAWAY to WM.

Secondly, Mr. Schultz states “Mayor McDuffie was part of that “final warning” vote. Today, he says it was more about a refusal to provide information to Mr. MacNamee and others”. That unanimous vote was predicated on my 1/16/10 letter to Commissioner Gray where I specified a litany of WM and City Administration transgressions including the fact that WM had under remitted Commercial Franchise and Administrative fees totaling $52,989 during the 18 month period July 2007 through December 2008.

I hope all recipients of this email go to the PBP website and read the comment to the editorial posted by “SkepticalinDelray”. It details how you “muzzled” the FRB’s July 2010 report. Please, everyone read what Mayor McDuffie withheld and Commissioners Gray and Frankel totally ignored!

Alas, it begs the question which I raised 2.5 years ago, “Why do you treat WM like a Sacred Cow?”

Finally, for all the “WM provides wonderful service” preachers, here are the “facts”–also from the City’s records. From Nov. 2003 through Feb. 2006, the City fined WM at least $49,200 for service failures. At a $1,000 per occurrence, that is at least 49 serious service breakdowns!

I anxiously await the Commission’s actions on the proposed No Bid, 8 year WM contract extension proposal tonight!

Exhibit #6 – Analysis of Monthly Service (Collection Rate), Billings & Estimated & Actual Payments – 2005 to 2010

Exhibit #7 – Delray Beach Certificate of Occupancy (CO) Report (Includes Annual-Monthly Summary) – 2001-201