Our next project: Kids Ecology Corps.

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Ever hear of Kids Ecology Corp? If not, then over the coming months, you’ll have the opportunity to learn all you wish.

Let’s start with a brief rundown of who they are (from the KEC website):

The Kids Ecology Corps is a program of Partners in Action, Inc., a 501(c) (3) nonprofit charitable organization founded in 1981, providing educational, cultural and leadership experience to young people encouraging immediate, positive, environmental action. And, continuous, determined action is making Environmental Harmony an idea whose time has come.


Then there’s this:

[cleeng_content id=”106285878″ description=”Why stop now? It\’s just getting interesting!” price=”3.99″ referral=”0.1″]Ms. Joann Starr

Good evening.

My name is Chaz Stevens and I’m a reporter with The Broward Post. I am researching your organization and would like to obtain the following records.

  • 2011 Form 990
  • 2012 Form 990
  • 2010 audited financial statement
  • 2011 audited financial statement
  • 2011 approved budget
  • 2012 approved budget
  • 2012 Annual Report Filing
  • Any/all documentation from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs
  • Any/all documentation from the IRS regarding your 2011/2012 filings

Pertaining to the Board of Directors:

  • List of current staff members, and their titles
  • List of current board of directors
  • Dates of meetings, attendance list, and notes from all meetings for the past year

Kindly let me know the best way to obtain this information.

My thanks in advance.


Chaz Stevens
Investigative Reporter
The Broward Post


And finally these docs: