MAOS and the Hershey Highway.


Recently, a fan of MAOS told us, “you’re very prominent” and lots of folks will get jealous of you because of that. And jealous people, we were told, can/will get really nasty. But don’t worry, they say, that’s right up “the MAOS alley.”

Let’s talk about what it takes to become prominent. Or, in our case, relevant.

MAOS’s game plan is simple — have the maximum amount of impact with the minimal amount of effort and to achieve that goal, we strive to “get to the right eyes.” Quality, and not quantity, of visit is what seek.

Behind the scenes, we’ve developed a robust software infrastructure that handles the search engines, social media integration, and content sharing. So nowadays, when we publish a post, it begins with “post-production” – a process that takes another five minutes just getting our words ready for “the world.”

When we hit the publish button, our content is sent to a huge number of content aggregators, Facebook, Twitter, etc…  It’s also sent out to RSS feeds, DIGG, reddit, and the such. In the end, a single MAOS post is blasted clear across the InterWebs. And that effort sometimes pays off… Pays off in spades. Like it did today.

To wit.

Very recently, by a 3-2 vote, Delray Beach elected officials handed Waste Management a no-bid $65M contract extension. And folks took notice. Very very powerful folks took notice. And where did they turn to?  Why MAOS of course.  After all, as we said, MAOS takes great pains to make our content accessible.

Accessible, but no longer free. No one learns for free, anymore.

Care to see who’s interested? We’ve snagged a screenshot from our website analytics application.

Simply amazing. And well worth the $1.99 I’m asking from you to learn the answer. After all, my work doesn’t come cheap.

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Chaz Stevens

Chaz Stevens

Professional Troublemaker
Father of the world-famous Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus Pole, Chaz’s antics are sure to entertain, educate, and irritate. Chaz has been appeared on The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Fox News, and hundreds of national media outlets, and several international newspapers.
Chaz Stevens


According to John Stewart, I am the General Patton of the War on Xmas. Father, Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus Pole. Professional troublemaker.
The Horrible State of the Lauderdale Lakes Union. - 2 days ago
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