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Remember back to September 2011, little jon had the City in a $8m debt to BSO for contract services. All of sudden that debt that the City owed to BSO was transferred to BC and the debt was now at 9.2 m without Larry, Moe or Curly informing the BC Commission. Seems little jon with the support and backing of his amigos did not make the last payment of 1.2m nor did he inform BC of that.

Also think back- at this time he along with his Comm sidekick, FD dum dum, and City Atty “my bad” pushed through a resolution to use cash from any source for any expense (of course violation of FS) and also a resolution to use 428k in solid waste fees and defer the debt to Waste Mgt. (Maybe this is why EH was screaming bloody murder- just messed up the time frame?)

[cleeng_content id=”904033250″ description=”Why stop now? It\’s just getting interesting! Monthly subscriptions as low as .99!” price=”0.49″ t=”article” referral=”0.1″]But we know now he needed this money to pay the extremely high fees to Manny Diez and ADA Engineering….. so it was for a good cause.

Fast forward to August 2012:
Comm Patricia Williams has stated they are doing much better in 2012 than 2011 (she should know- has her ear to ground in the neighborhoods- sniffing out funding from what we hear).

Really? Recent effort to refinance the SunTrust debt. Let’s see- not pay the Oct 2012 payment (of BSO fame from above), refinance the debt early even though it has a prepayment penalty and a higher balance which will result in higher fees, get the same interest rate as previous debt, get a balanced budget clause that no one understands or even can implement (perfect scenario for JA) and base it on LIBOR ( if he can’t understand it then no one will either especially his Comm.. his motto). Not vodoo economics- lil jon and Comm AC economics- tried and true from FAMU… and all with a hearty “hell yeah” from FD dum dum.

His support base again- Comm AC, FD dum dum, City Atty “my bad” (group sound familiar?). But wait- we have a new face here- the Bond Counsel they hired. He says it looks “damn good- go for it.” (Of course he does not get paid if deal does not go through so expects to pick up check after second reading).

Well the saga goes on…or as in this case “as the stomach turns”. Little jon’s comments on all of this- I just cannot help myself- it is such easy pickings. And remember this is the new and improved L Lakes post OIG?[/cleeng_content]

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