Geez Jon, what’s next? Magic tricks?

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Lauderdale Lakes City Manager Jonathan Allen is intentionally deceiving the City Commission and we opine he is being aided by City Attorney Jim Brady.

To wit.

[cleeng_content id=”228323529″ description=”Why stop now? It\’s just getting interesting! Monthly subscriptions as low as .99!” price=”0.99″ t=”article” referral=”0.1″]We call your attention to Resolution 2012-81.

Clerk to execute and attest, respectively, that certain Interlocal Agreement (ILA) with Broward County to provide for the payment for law enforcement, fire and EMS services through the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

During discussion of that resolution,  Commissioner Gloria Lewis questioned Allen about BSO’s 2013 budget.

Commissioner Lewis questioned if Lauderdale Lakes would be included in BSO’s budget for services to Broward’s municipalities as presented to the County Commission for approval.

Allen, for the record, replied in the affirmative.

City Manager Allen replied that the City’s agreement for police services was with BSO. Based on the FY2012 budget, the allocation for police, EMS and fire rescue services is included in BSO’s budget.

He lied. That is an out right lie.

In fact, we believe Allen intentionally falsified the public record on a matter that was put forth to a vote, and that good friend, is what sent Sylvia Poitier to up the river.

Now let me show the specifics behind Allen’s deception.

BSO’s upcoming budget, as it pertains to Lauderdale Lakes:

  1. Does not cover the entire $12.5m contract.
  2. Includes $2M for police and $2.2M for fire, paid for by the County withholding city property taxes.
  3. It is the County and not BSO who is backing the payments.

Diving deeper into that ILA (yet to be approved by the County), and pay close attention here, we find the payments only cover four months (October 12 thru January 13). The ILA also states the City will not have any cash available, hence the County’s demand for direct collection of property tax receipts.

Resolution 2012-81, an “inducement to County to authorize the appropriation”, clearly demonstrates both Allen and Brady understood the exclusion of the Lauderdale Lakes contract from the 2013 BSO budget.

Who cares you ask?

Let’s see.
LL Commission Meeting – Aug 28

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