$2.3M bank error in your favor.


We have been reviewing the Lauderdale Lakes FY 2012 Financial Reports prepared by the crack aces :JA: and his trusted sidekick :ME:.

Remember these are new and improved Financial Reports that have also been provided to Broward County.

For the past year, we’ve reported about deficit fund balances and the misuse of restricted cash.

With the August 2012 Financial Report just coming available, we examined, for the previous year, the monthly cash balance using the following simple calculation:

  • General Fund Revenue YTD
  • Minus Expenses YTD
  • Gives us a cash balance
[cleeng_content id=”412859011″ description=”Lies, lies, and more lies. Monthly subscriptions as low as .99!” price=”1.99″ t=”article” referral=”0.1″]We then compared the total General Fund “pooled cash” amount, knowing any difference between our derived cash balance (from above) and the amount shown on the report would be brought forward cash balance as of the beginning of FY 2012 on Oct 1, 2011.

And by the way folks, this brought forward cash balance never changes.

Well, unless you’re spewing out nonsense on your solar powered Hello Kitty calculator.

Without further adieu, here’s the B/F Cash Balance from FY 2011 for the General Fund as calculated by Elianor and Hello Kitty:

  • Dec 2011- $2,425,828
  • Jan 2012 – $2,024,235
  • Feb 2012- $1,180,610
  • Mar 2012- $1,815,199
  • April 2012- $1,034,632
  • May 2012- $114,259
  • June 2012- $977,098
  • July 2012- $1,391,962
  • Aug 2012- $253,838

WTF? Really? No really, WTF?

The B/F Cash balance, from a fixed point in time, ranges from a low of $114,259, to a high of $2,425,828.

$2.3M in variances, on a number that does not change.

How the f*** is that possible?

Let me put it to you another way.

Think back to March 1, 2012. At the end of the day, in your checking account, you find $1769.23 in the bank.

Now move forward six months. According to Elianor, you now have $2,425,828 in the same account. On the same day. It’s as if history can be rewritten in Lauderdale Lakes.

That’s some Monopoly bank error in your favor.

Turning to staff for their opinion, we were told:

  1. Does the word clueless strike a chord?
  2. Not balancing pooled cash again- do not know where are at?
  3. Purposely misleading?
  4. Voting closes at midnight tomorrow night.

And remember the entire “pooled cash” balance for the entire City was $1.4m on Oct 1, 2011 (not just the General Fund) as shown on the attached report provided by the City.

Lauderdale Lakes 2012 Financial Reports[/cleeng_content]

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