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The continuing saga of politics and control and how it is now made its way into critically needed grant funding for senior residents of L Lakes.

Mr Jonathan Allen (aka lil jon allen), City Manager (own his own and without the required authorization from the City Commission) submitted a request to Broward County to reprogram over $500k in CDBG funding from minor home repair that benefited mainly the senior population on low income and had a huge waiting list to Park improvements.

We wondered why. Seems the Parks Advisory Board (chaired by none other than Mr. Frank Coleman, wife of Commissioner Coleman) suggested the Park improvements. And we know that lil jon likes to please his Commissioners (all but one that is). You thinking conflict of interest here with Comm Coleman like we are? Nope she did not declare any conflict when voting.

Other conflicts- how about lil jon favoring the Park and Services Department Director (Ms. Treasa Brown) of which there have been several terminations of employees for reporting her involvement with lil jon. Also there is Mr Terrence Barber, Parks Manager, who after the City spent $10k in training for one trip alone, cannot put one sentence together and has to have staff write his letters. (just a hint here but rumor is that lil jon did his training project for him). All three are good NFBPA members so all is good.

But let us not digress. After the BC Commission approved the reprogramming, lil jon’s Commission (Resolution 2012-95) did not approve it and amended it at the Aug 28 meeting. (Remember the comments by Comm Haynes- what the xxxx are you doing Mayor Russell when the Mayor became confused and voted to break a tie vote the wrong way).

But do not worry, at the Sep 11 Comm Meeting Comm Levoyd Williams motioned to reconsider Resolution 2012-95 and it will come back at the next meeting on Sep 25. Comm L Williams- you ever get tired of being lil jon and EH’s lackey? How many times are they going to screw you (remember the Vice Mayor thing)? Tried thinking on your own for a change?

Notice the comments from Comm EH at the meeting that did not make it on the record. Not to worry, I just came back from a trip with the BC Grant people and I am in with them. They will cover us. BC grant people- how do you feel now?

So we look forward to see what happens on Sep 25. Will the L Lakes Comm finally step up and claim it’s authority or will the “Trust me, this is the right thing to do now” of lil jon still rule. Hint here- listen to your residents for once. Especially the must vulnerable ones- the seniors on limited income where the minor home repair projects can do so much for their health and welfare and there is a continuous waiting list of these services.

Commissioners- for once vote your conscience and not how lil jon (and of course the deadbeat Dad) tells you to. Slap them down. Don’t let it be politics as usual in L Lakes.The Commission is the only ones who can authorize this reprogramming. We and others will be watching.

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