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L Lakes 2013 Budget Adopted Capital.pdf

The review of the 2013 Adopted Budget was very tough due to misleading and/or lacking information.

First attachment: Budget Ordinance 2012-16 in the budget document.

  1. Exhibit A is missing from the ordinance.
  2. We also noted that Exhibit A is missing from the ordinance on the meeting of September 25.\
  3. We did see the attached notice at the City’s website with the enclosed attachment.
  4. Finally have Exhibit A after all of their attempts to hide it.

Second Attachment: Summary document from the 2013 Adopted Budget on City’s website.

Notice that amounts for Public Works and Police Services (1) have been changed from the original Exhibit A. We checked the minutes from the September 25 meeting and there was no discussion on any changes to the budget.

How could there be changes without any public discussion? The budget does not match what was legally advertised and presented. 

Sunshine issues or public records issues – take your choice here.

If the Commission did know, why was the public not informed?

We have filed a complaint with the OIG.

#2- Debt service issues.

Just like 2012, :JA: has teabagged Eric sandbagged debt service money in the General Fund. From the Debt service budget page in the 2013 budget, only $296,900 is due.

Look at what he has budgeted -$520k in GF and worse yet, look at what he is hiding:

  • $41,780 in Fire fund
  • $26,400 in Gas Tax
  • $208,240 in Stormwater

That is $796k budgeted for only $297k in debt due.

So come the end of 2013, don’t be surprised when he shows you a surplus of $520k in the General Fund.

Fire Fund:

We included a whole section on the Fire Fund, since Fire Special Assessment was raised 33% over the last two years.

First notice the $1.7m deficit in the fire fund, then look below at the transfer of $75k to the General Fund.

Transfers from funds with deficit balances- sound familiar as in OIG report?

Then what is even worse, :JA: is now hitting the Fire Fund for 30% of the annual payment for past BSO debt.

And yes, that is new for 2013.

The General Fund, which paid the entire amount in 2012, is now only paying 70% on the annual debt payment.

Think about it – the BSO debt was for both Police and Fire. The General Fund pays for Police and EMS. The Fire Fund has always paid its share of the BSO Fire Contract (fire response only- not EMS) and even above the legal limit in 2012, and now 2013.

The Fire Fund owes nothing on the past BSO debt.

You do the math … $5.1m from the Fire Fund and $2.15m from the General for EMS.

This does nothing but keeps the Fire Fund in a continual deficit.

And yes Commissioners, you voted for the increase in fire fees in both 2012 and 2013- feel jaded?

There are class action lawsuits going on throughout the State on Fire assessment fees versus EMS- they should have a field day when they get to L Lakes.

 Also highlighted are the continuing transfers to the General Fund:

  • Gas Tax: $75k
  • Stormwater: $170k
  • Solid Waste: $125k (shown on summary sheet as $150k).

Has any Commissioner ever asked for a detailed explanation (with support, not lil jon’s- Trust me this is the right thing to do) on how these amounts are determined? If not you are unfairly increasing the Stormwater and Solid Waste fees paid by your residents.

The 2013 budget also does nothing for the deficit in the Alzheimer’s Care Center- now at $450k which is larger than the annual budget of $371k. It is a needed service but requires attention.

The last part of this shows the Capital Improvement Program.

By Florida Statute, the City is required to adopt a five-year capital improvement program each fiscal year. The only thing we see is the following page which shows $1.4m in 2013.

What projects?

And we cannot find that fund in the summary sheet or anywhere else in the document- what gives? Where the five-year planned program as is required? How is the public to know? We know- it must be stored in lil jon’s office with the 2011 Adopted Budget Books and all Purchasing records and files.

Once again lil jon has overstated the debt service budget in the General Fund (just like 2012). Hey Commissioners- weren’t you surprised by the surplus in GF for 2012? Try reading your budget books.

And yes, he is now also stiffing the beleaguered Fire Fund again.

In the end, these numbers not add up correctly. We heard that there is little sunlight in City Hall these days and clueless FD ME cannot read her solar powered Hello Kitty calculator.

We are continuing to investigate the legal advertisement required for the Budget Public Hearing- will let you know.

L Lakes 2013 Budget Adopted Capital

L Lakes 2013 Budget Adopted Issues

L Lakes 2013 Budget Ordinance and Public Notice

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