We find most of that surplus came from …

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The unadjusted September 2012 financial report is being presented at Monday’s workshop. Within those pages, we noticed the General Fund showing a $1.2M positive balance.


Don’t get so excited, and for a number of reasons.

To wit.

This positive balance is unadjusted for accruals – payments, contracts, etc.  And digging behind that balance, we find most of that surplus comes from …

Drum roll please.

Debt payments.

How f***ing exciting.  Jon Jon really has the shit turned around.

We’ve attached a page (said page being the subject of numerous MAOS posts) from the 2012 budget, and we like to draw your attention to the following…

  1. :JA: padded the 2012 General Fund debt service budget by $532k.
  2. MAOS has bitched about it, but to date, only one Commissioner voted against the 2012 budget. Wouldn’t it have been nice if others recognized what’s going on here?

The SunTrust refinancing also helped out that million dollar surplus to the tune of $360k. So, when those accruals finally post, there goes most of the positive balance.

We’d also be remiss not to mention the inconsistency of the reported brought forward cash balance.


We still have a moderate boner over questionable solid waste numbers. Hell, I only have an undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and once worked for NASA, but maybe I just don’t get simple arithmetic.

Such as …

If $1.339M was spent for solid waste services in 2011, how can there only be $1.2M spent in 2012 with an additional $428K spent on the debt owed  2011?

Come on Marie…  Move closer to a light source… Your Hello Kitty Solar Powered calculator ain’t calculating all that good well good well.


Alzheimer’s Care started out with a $445k deficit and is not looking that much better in 2012.


Last, but certainly not least, the Fire Special Assessment Fee Fund.

  1. Started out with a $1.7M deficit.
  2. Expect things to get worse — as witnessed by a 33% increases in fire fees.
  3. More illegal bullshit – as the General Fund is not paying its legal share of EMS costs.

L Lakes Sep 2012 Unadjusted Fin Report