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Sunday, October 21, 2012

John W. Scott, Inspector General
Office of the Inspector General
One North University Drive, Suite 111
Plantation, FL 33324

via email
cc: Broward County Commission, Lauderdale Lakes Staffers, Press

Dear Sir:

Kindly consider this letter as my official complaint against Lauderdale Lakes City Manager Jonathan “SwampSack” Allen for unjust enrichment.

In support of that allegation, kindly find an attached document detailing the annual executive leave payouts. I ask that you put aside any disbelief, snickering, etc. when considering the words “Jon Allen” and “Executive” in the same sentence.

As you will notice from your review of that attachment:

  1. Executive leave is derived from Resolution 05-134 (see attached).
  2. Department heads are provided with an extra 40 hours of annual leave, which cannot accrue – it is either used or paid out annually.

I direct your attention to the title of Resolution 05-134, “For Department Heads”, for which Allen is not. As Assistant City Manager, Allen received a higher car and telephone allowance than provided by Resolution 05-134, so it would go to show this resolution would not apply. And although he supervised various Department Heads (pun!), he was compensated for such efforts.

On a side note, I also direct your attention to the payout timing – January, 2011.  This was during the first round of layoffs.  Folks were getting pink-slipped, and Allen was receiving an undue bonus?

Happy hunting;

Binder – Lauderdale Lakes – Unjust Enrichment – Scott

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