Vote Shelly Solomon 2012! She’s a better choice than having Boy Scout Leaders in charge of our children.


Today’s Shelly Solomon update? Not good.

Teaser alert: If you are a big of Solomon, you might want to skip this post and click here instead (So NSFW).

Those of you still remaining, follow along on a short journey into the realm of Utter F***ing Ridiculousness — aka the 2012 Solomon Broward County School Board Election Campaign.

Here’s some facts that you might not know.

  1. The Broward County School Board has a $3.7B (as in billion) yearly budget.
  2. Up until 2009, Solomon had no idea how to manage her household finances.
  3. Up until 2009, Solomon was clueless on the inner workings of online banking (more on this in a moment).
  4. Solomon, who by trade is a “life coach”, now portrays herself as “a business consultant” and former teacher. Solomon has no teaching credentials and did we mention, until very recently, she’s not ever handled the family checkbook?

From Solomon’s 2009 divorce degree, we note:

The Husband will help the Wife set up her own online banking account so that she may become familiar with the logistics of paying the household bills which have typically been taken care of by the Husband.


You want to be in charge of BILLIONS and you don’t know how Paypal works?

Perfect! Cough cough.

Almost as insane as putting a pedophile Boy Scout Leader in charge of our little kids.

Oh wait…

If there’s a badge for “where did the bad man touch you”, I wonder what Solomon would have earned … I’d say “pays for family’s health insurance”, but at age 49, she outsources even that responsibility to her Dad.


Vote Shelly Solomon 2012! She’s a better choice than having “certain” Boy Scout Leaders oversee our children well-being.


Taking a queue from the “Campaign Law Nazi”, I’ve filed two election law violation complaints against this knucklehead (post to come).

Thanks Le for the idea.

Shelly Solomon Divorce Degree

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