OpEd: Rod-JA-EH- who blows who here?


You have a post now on the L Lakes FY 2011 Financial Statements restating the cash issue showing cash borrowed from the special assessments.

Shows that Rod Harvey of HCT turned a blind eye to the reporting of this….

Received tip-

  1. Lauderhill had HCT for long time (through 2010), then selected new auditor in 2011.
  2.  Heard tip that HCT always gave Lauderhill and his buddy K Hobbes free ride. (through 2010)
  3. New auditor came in and ripped them. (2011)
  4. K. Hobbes dumped the new auditors and went back to Harvey (2012)

Although Part IV of the audit (Compliance Section) should be in the CAFR for 2010 and 2011 as indicated, it is missing from both years. That would show the issues and management letter comments (write-ups) in 2011 after a free ride through 2010. This also shows new auditors….

Lauderhill Audits


Saw this on the agenda for the LL Comm Meeting tonight-

Agenda item 8c-

  1. Looked at summary and thought it was unclear
  2. Went to resolution itself for detail-
  3. CM will negotiate and then tell the Mayor it is okay to sign….

This is purchasing reform in LL?  The Comm has learned nothing from JA’s improper purchasing actions. And the Mayor continues to sign whatever JA puts before him- contracts, answers/updates to OIG report, on and on…

The old trust me- sign here- it is the right thing to do…

L Lakes Comm Meeting 11 13 12

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