CRA Director Gary Rogers is MIA. It must be tomato growing season.


Where is D’Andrea Giddens-Jones, Director of Human Resources, and CRA Director Gary Rogers? No one has seen either at any Commission meeting or special event in ages.

We’re guessing Rogers is out tending to his garden and/or doing other menial chores … as befitting the State’s leading CRA Director (or so he says).

See dude(tte)s, here’s the rub…

Rogers and Giddens-Jones both get executive leave for attending meetings (see below)… And mark my words, someday in a post, you’ll read about them having no problems cashing in said executive leave.

No wonder she wields her Human Resources pen to do JA’s beckoning….

(Someone should do a records request to see her application/resume and check for experience- did not qualify as HR Director, only barely qualified as HR Manager)- since then promoted twice and given raises twice…


Executive Leave LL

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What a bunch of crap. - 2 days ago
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