Full of shit like an Xmas turkey – Nana Stevens.

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Thy end is here. According to commentary from the dais, it seems that :JA:, along with :JB:, are both facing “votes of no confidence.”

See ya later f***ers.

And as much as we’d love to share, we can’t really say…  However, it is our understanding the dual investigations of Allen (by Miami/Dade and OIG) have ‘broken new ground.’ And, well, I believe that :EH: is also somehow caught up in the mix.

Hint to the MAOS fan: the name ‘Ray’ will mean something to you in the days/weeks to come.

Speaking of Hayes, our spies have reported overhearing him saying, ‘his boy [Jon] now has the votes against him.” Hayes was said to be wringing his hands and worrying about his overnight trip.

Sucks to be JonBoi — votes against him, criminal investigations underway, new investigations being launched. Already been dinged by the OIG for numerous criminal charges.


Commissioners wised up by amending agenda item 9C (no need for their oversight, Allen has it all under control) … which means items come back to them for approval (seems no one trusts Allen/Mayor BarLouie to do the right thing).

No. Shit.


Hear the new commissioner has a good head on her shoulders…  Most excellent. Madam, kindly do not accept any grape punch like drink offered to you by Marie Elianor.


Where is Willie Jones when we need him?

BarLouie, not wanting to dive into the meat and potatoes of the city’s financial report, calls an end to the meeting.

Yes indeed, he does blows.


And finally, there’s 125 turkeys being “earmarked” for the community. If Lakes works like Deerfield Beach, then we suggest someone check out a certain vocal activist’s garage.

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