I opine that Anthony Davis out rightly stole DOJ grant money.

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Recently, the United States Department of Justice issued the following news release:

November 13, 2012

Provider Settles with United States Regarding False Billings Allegations

Wifredo A. Ferrer, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, announced the filing of a Settlement Agreement with Professional Evaluation & Counseling Services.

Under the terms of the Settlement Agreement, PEC paid the U.S. Department of Justice $50,000.

PEC, contracting with Uncle Sam, falsely billed for services rendered and was caught.



All of which reminds me of Deerfield’s Brotherly Love Social Services and Pastor :AD:.

I opine that Davis out rightly stole DOJ grant money.

Now suppose for a moment, Gentle Reader, Davis finds himself similarly jacked up.

If this scenario was ever to pan out, how would Davis repay Uncle Sam?

He doesn’t have, we believe, two nickels to rub together or a pot to piss in.

Let us consider Brotherly Love’s 2010 tax filing…

Statement of Revenue ($238,414)

  • Government Grants: $58,403
  • All other contributions: $180,011

Statement of Expenses (compensation):

  • Anthony Davis: $61,270
  • Margaret Davis: $36,914

A simple bit of math reveals the Davis’s take home about 40% of gross revenue, with the lion’s share of revenue coming from “other contributions.”  From past documentation, that’s been revealed as agencies such as United Way (Broward County) and JM Family Enterprises.

And here’s a rub…

If Davis was to get nuked by the Feds, and they wanted their money back, what funds would be used to repay Uncle Sam? Would it be a ponzi scheme — with Davis taking in corporate largesse and then funnel that money back to DC?

How would that make the folks at JM Family feel? Would they think that’s a good use of their philanthropic donation?

Suppose you donated to United Way, with the thought of keeping kids off the streets. Would you want your donations to be used to resolve Davis’s matter? Money, as I mentioned, I believe he stole.

And that’s why, should we ever read (say, like in the *very* near future) a DOJ Press Release nailing Davis  (and his wife, Lady McThief) to the wall, you can expect MAOS to reach out to Brotherly Love’s funders with words like, “hey, did you hear the one about Pastor Tony.”

You see, in such a situation, MAOS intends to put Davis out of the 501c business for good.

And as we always like to end these sort of posts with a teaser, remember the name “McCloskey.”



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