As Mayor, there are five areas that I will focus on


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Robb for Mayor

On Tuesday March 19th, 2013, return the one person who has run more times for mayor than anyone else

Jean Robb served as your mayor from 1952 to 1963

Dear Undocumented Worker…

For the past four years I have been bored out of my mind. Now some have argued that I suffer from dementia, but that is not the case. My mind is as sharp as it was a decade ago when I turned 75. And I guarantee when I leave office 11 years from now, we all can have a good laugh at how together that 94 year old lady is!

Now let’s take a look at what Mayor Noland and HER commission have focused on. They fired Mike Mahaney, brought in “Kessler”, which ultimately caused lots of problems from my life friend, financial consultant, and political advisor Sylvia Powteer. And contrary to the legal opinion of local, county, and state officials, I still BELIEVE our repeal the tax agenda was stolen FROM US. Forget the so called LAWS AND RULES they like to quote. AS YOUR MAYOR, I will REPEAL that tax (replace with a fairer flat tax of 17%), I will appoint DAN POWTEER to head up our housing division, Put FELICIA POWTEER in charge of special events — both unpaid, but with a $30,000 outreach grant for their time. I also intend to merge our police with Margate’s, cut staff by 60%, and repeal the law that will allow convicted priests charged with child sexual abuse to live within our borders.

My name is Jean Robb, and I am again running , for the 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th time, for Mayor in the upcoming municipal election on March 19th, 2013. With YOUR interest and support AGAIN, together, WE can exceed my previous voting total of 97 votes. You, along with all the voices in my head WILL be heard once again in MY city! Know that I am not perfect, sane, and suffer from incontinence, but that I am GREAT FRIENDS WITH STEVE GONOT, and have never, not even ONCE, made a decision that was based in reality or not in the best interest of my ego. Mayor Robert H. Dugdale simply cannot say the same! It is the cornerstone of my campaign to “sink this ship” with bizarre ideas, the black hate filling my heart, and of course my expense account.

There are five areas that I plan to focus on:

  1. SLIMMING SOAP DIET: Why not lose weight in the shower?
  2. WOOLWORTHS: Attract that business to the 10th street strip mall.
  3. CASUAL SUNDAY: Why just limit it to Thursday?
  4. NEW REVENUE MODEL: A Christmas Present Opening Service and Christmas Dinner Eating Service.
  5. I forgot what I was saying…

Thank you for taking the time to listening. I promise you won’t regret voting for me — the 8th time must be the charm. If you are voting by absentee ballot and wish to have it delivered to the Supervisor of Elections office, you may drop your sealed ballot at these locations:

  • Adult Warehouse Superstore
  • Monarch Hills (Mt. Trashmore)
  • The Maurodis Law Office

Let’s take back what they took from me, Jean M. Robb.

Former Mayor of Deerfield Beach (1952-1963)

Call the HOT-CARL-LINE to volunteer, or if you have any questions, 954-973-6888


PS My middle initial “M”.  Can you guess what it stands for:

  • microgasm
  • mouseturd
  • Man Law Bible
  • moralphobia
  • My Life Is Piggy Whipped
  • malware
  • Mamasse Mamuhsa Memaht Husah
  • Man-Ho
  • Mayor Potato Head
  • melanphiliac
  • mexican tablecloth
  • mockdocdouchologist
  • moose claw
  • moving bush
  • Mufflered Fellatio
  • M & M party
  • Mondo-Boffo
  • Mr. Jingles

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